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Achieve Success in Data Science: Best Platforms to Learn SQL

In today’s data-driven world, learning SQL (Structured Query Language) is becoming increasingly important. It is a skill that can be useful in any career path and can make the day-to-day lives of individuals more efficient.

SQL is a fundamental tool in working with data, making it more accessible, and easily manipulated. Whether you are a software developer, data analyst, or business analyst, learning SQL is a smart choice.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of learning SQL and choosing a good platform to start from.

Importance of Learning SQL

Data is king in the digital era, and SQL is the language that will help you communicate with that data. It is the backbone of any successful data-driven enterprise.

SQL lets you access, update, and manage data that is stored in a relational database management system (RDBMS). It enables you to analyze, categorize, and manipulate data points to extract the information you need.

Learning SQL can help in streamlining the workflow and making data more manageable and meaningful. SQL is valuable in many industries such as healthcare, finance, and e-commerce.

It can help draw important conclusions from data and help businesses make informed decisions. Companies today are willing to pay more for individuals who are proficient in SQL.

Being proficient in SQL can offer lucrative job opportunities as data analysis and management has become critical to businesses now more than ever; it is an essential skill for the workforce today.

Choosing a Good SQL

Learning Platform

The internet is overflowing with online courses and tutorials on SQL basics. With such an abundance of material available, how does one choose the right platform?

It can all be very overwhelming for a beginner. Here are a few tips to help.

Learning Platform

While the internet can provide many free resources, enrolling in a trusted online course or site is the best way to get a profound understanding of SQL. Choose a well-reviewed platform that has a team of seasoned experts in SQL.

Course Content

Look for a platform that offers a clear path to learning SQL. Content must be easy-to-understand, and the course structure must be well-defined.

A language that is easy to understand can help you acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and confidence. Make sure the course provides a strong base in SQL so that you can take it to the advanced level.

The platform should offer courses from beginner to advanced level.

Interactive Console

A good platform should have an interactive console that will help you practice the language as you learn. Interactive consoles offer features like hints, and you can receive immediate feedback on your code.

Also, make sure the interactive console is browser-based and offers features like community support.

More and more people are turning to online platform to learn SQL, and one such platform that is quickly gaining notoriety is offers interactive online courses that teach SQL concepts from the ground up to advanced levels. Here’s why it stands out.

Overview and Focus on SQL Language is one of the most trusted SQL learning platforms that offers in-depth courses covering the latest SQL langauge version supported by the majority of databases. LearnSQL connects with learners online.

Their interactive courses provide an overview of the language and teach Relational Database Management Systems (RDMS) in detail. The platform offers different learning courses like “SQL from A to Z,” “SQL Challenge Course”, and “Practice Track” for people who want to develop different abilities.

Clear Learning Path and Variety of Courses

The platform is designed to take the beginner to an advanced level. The courses are structured, which makes learning SQL faster and more efficient.

The course path is well defined so that users can progress gradually. Also, they offer a variety of courses, and courses are also available as a bundle for a discounted rate.

Their courses offer the ability to learn at your pace.

Interactive Online Console and Immediate Feedback

The LearnSQL platform provides an interactive console for learners to step through examples and practice coding, with the ability to get hints or immediate feedback on their mistakes. This learner-friendly platform makes learning SQL less daunting.

Being able to practice with the platform will impact your learning and understanding of the language. The platform also offers a community feature where learners can interact and get help from other experienced learners.


In summary, learning SQL can be beneficial to your career, or in your personal life, and choosing the right platform to learn is important. The platform is one such online learning platform that has gained more than 7k subscribers and ‘Super-Satisfied User’ badges.

Its interactive and intuitive console, variety of courses, and well-defined learning path makes LearnSQL the perfect choice for learning SQL. It’s worth investing your money and time in a platform like LearnSQL.

We hope you have a great learning journey.

3) DataCamp

DataCamp is an interactive online learning platform that offers hands-on courses focused on data science. It is an excellent platform for individuals looking to develop their data skills or build a career in data science.

Their courses cover topics ranging from SQL and Python to machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Coverage of Data Science and Three Categories of Learning Tracks

DataCamp’s courses are tailored towards different categories of learners, from those who have no experience with data science to those who are experts looking to advance their knowledge. The courses are categorized into three learning tracks: skills, career tracks, and skill tracks.

The Skill tracks focus on a particular data science skill and can range from beginner courses to advanced ones. The courses teach you how to analyze data using tools like Excel, SQL, and various programming languages.

Career tracks are for learners who want to build a data science career. The courses include skill tracks but also cover more advanced topics relevant to specific career paths.

Some of the career tracks available on DataCamp include Data Analyst, Data Scientist, and Machine Learning Engineer. Skill tracks, on the other hand, are a combination of skills and career tracks.

They offer courses that help put Data Science skills into practice for real-world situations.

Interactive Coding Exercises and Additional Resources

DataCamp provides interactive coding exercises that help you apply the concepts you’ve learned in the course. The courses provide an interactive coding interface that feels like you are coding on a real platform.

Each course also comes with additional resources to help learners fully grasp a particular topic. These resources include coding examples, webinars, and case studies that provide real-world business applications of specific data science techniques.

DataCamp offers bite-sized learning, where each course consists of short video lectures followed by a coding problem. This iterative learning process allows learners to cement the concepts by applying them to simulations, thus solidifying their understanding of the material.

4) Dataquest

Dataquest is another popular online learning platform that focuses on educating individuals in data science competencies. Their courses are designed to be hands-on and interactive, allowing learners to apply the concepts they learn practically.

Focus on Data Science Competencies and Clear Navigation

Dataquest has a strong focus on skills specific to data science and its subfields. Their courses are organized by competency to help learners easily navigate the platform and pick the right course for their skill level.

Dataquest offers multiple courses in programming languages such as Python and R, Data Analysis, Data Visualization, SQL databases, and Machine Learning.

Interactive Learning by Doing and Active Learner Community

Dataquest’s courses require learners to actively participate, with each course having multiple coding exercises to solve. These projects simulate real-world problems, and learners are required to come up with solutions according to the techniques and competencies they’ve learned.

The platform is known for its live coding interface that offers real-time feedback within the coding environment and its simplicity. Dataquest also has an active learner community where learners can engage with each other, seek help, or share their experiences.

The community is beneficial for learners starting or looking to advance their data science journey as feedback and support from fellow learners are generally available.

Dataquest Challenge for Motivation

To keep learners motivated, Dataquest has a 30-day challenge that encourages users to maintain a 30-day coding streak. This is called their “Dataquest Challenge,” and it involves learners solving coding challenges for 30 days straight.

Participants who complete the challenge get a free premium subscription to Dataquest. Data Science is a rapidly-evolving field that requires constant learning and skill development.

Whether you are interested in a data science career or want to develop your data analysis skills, platforms like DataCamp and Dataquest are ideal for learning and building the right competencies. Their focus on hands-on and interactive courses, interactive coding exercises and feedback, and an active learner community make them excellent platforms to start or advance your data science journey.

5) Pluralsight

Pluralsight is an online learning platform that offers interactive courses in data science and SQL. The platform emphasizes team collaboration and skills development and provides differentiated courses by skill level, including virtual live classes.

Emphasis on Team Collaboration and Skills Development

Pluralsight prioritizes team collaboration with its “Skills” and “Flow” learning plans. The “Skills” plan aims to provide employees with the necessary skills to fill skills gaps in teams and the organization.

The “Flow” plan focuses on encouraging productivity and collaboration amongst teams. This feature is ideal for organizations interested in building data science skills and enhancing team productivity.

Differentiated SQL Courses by Skill Level and Virtual Live Classes

Pluralsight’s SQL courses are available in different skill levels, providing courses in T-SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server that cater to various learners’ needs. Pluralsight’s Skill IQ also helps learners determine their current level of SQL proficiency.

The platform also offers virtual live classes, which are convenient for learners who want to complete the course in a set timeframe.


SQLZOO is an interactive online platform that provides learners with a simple interface for practicing SQL queries with real databases. The platform offers practical interactive exercises that allow learners to test their SQL knowledge and improve their SQL skills.

Simple Interface for Practicing SQL Queries with Real Databases

SQLZOO offers learners the chance to practice creating queries using real databases like MySQL, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL. The platform is perfect for beginners as it has several exercises that start with basic SQL concepts and then move on to more complex ones.

The exercises are designed to provide practical experience that learners can apply in the real world.

Combination of Encyclopedia and Exercise System for Testing and Improving Skills

SQLZOO teaches courses by providing an encyclopedia-style database and various interactive exercises. For each exercise, learners are required to create a SQL query that meets a specific requirement.

The exercises start with fundamental concepts and then move on to complex ones. In the Quiz section, learners can test their SQL knowledge by answering the quiz questions similar to those in job interviews.

This feature offers an excellent opportunity to test the knowledge gained from the lessons and prepare learners for job interviews. SQLZOO offers practical examples that learners can relate to real-world scenarios.

By combining its database with its interactive exercises, learners acquire the practical knowledge and experience they need to thrive in SQL.


In conclusion, SQL is a valuable tool for data science professionals as it simplifies data analysis, manipulation, and management. Learning SQL on a trusted platform is crucial.

Pluralsight offers courses that help build and enhance team productivity, while SQLZOO provides practical SQL exercises with real-world applications. Both platforms provide practical and interactive exercises to bridge knowledge gaps.

These online learning platforms are perfect for beginners and experts and provide an opportunity to test their knowledge through exercises and quizzes. In conclusion, learning SQL is critical for anyone interested in data science or hoping to streamline data analysis and management.

Choosing a trustworthy learning platform is vital in ensuring the effectiveness of the courses taken. Platforms such as LearnSQL, DataCamp, Dataquest, Pluralsight, and SQLZOO offer excellent courses that will help learners build the proper competencies required to develop their careers or personal knowledge.

The emphasis on interactive and practical exercises, real-world applications, and career-specific courses helps learners advance and keep pace with industry changes. Takeaways from these platforms include increased productivity, career growth, and, most importantly, real-life problem-solving skills.

It is worth investing time and money in learning SQL through reputable online platforms.

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