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Debugging numpyndarray and Series Errors in Data Science

Handling “numpy.ndarray” Error

As a beginner in coding, you must have come across the “TypeError: ‘numpy.ndarray’ object is not callable” error message. This can be scary, but stay calm and know that the information in this article will help you understand the error and how to resolve it.

Causes of the Error

The “numpy.ndarray” error is triggered when you are trying to call a numpy array as if it were a function. It occurs when you mistakenly use parentheses after a numpy array variable name, treating it like a function call.

Using Square Brackets to Access Arrays

To avoid triggering the “numpy.ndarray” error message, you must use square brackets to access elements of arrays. Square brackets are used for indexing and slicing data types in Python.

Python Indexing and Slicing Arrays

When indexing arrays in Python, you specify the element’s position using its index, which is zero-based. For instance, an array of names [“John”, “Jane”, “Tom”] has “John” in the position of 0, “Jane” in position 1 and “Tom” in position 2.

You can use slicing to gather a subset of an array’s elements.

Slicing is done using a colon to separate the start index, endpoint, and the step value.

In slicing, the start value is included, and the endpoint is excluded. For instance, an array with ten elements has elements that can be sliced by arr[1:6:2].

That means that the items from the second to the sixth will be sliced, returning the values at the second, fourth, and sixth indices. In this example, the step value is 2, meaning that every second value will be returned from the sliced array.

Examples of Common Causes of the Error and their Solutions

One common cause of the “numpy.ndarray” error is when you mistakenly try to use parentheses after a variable name. Another cause is using a variable, a function name, or a method from your class without intending to.

In these cases, remove the offending parentheses or name collisions by using a different variable name or renaming the function.

Handling “Series” Error

Another error that you might have encountered in Pandas is the “TypeError: ‘Series’ object is not callable.” This error comes up when you try to call a series object like a function.

Causes of the Error

The “Series” error is caused when you use parentheses to call a series object instead of accessing its properties or methods. When a variable name has the same name as a method function, the error can arise.

Examples of Resolving Clashes Between Function and Variable Names or Overriding a Built-In Function

If a variable’s name clashes with a function or method, the error occurs. You could rename the variable so that it doesn’t get confused with the function or method’s name.

In the case of a built-in function, you can override it by importing the function as an alias to a different name.

Examples of Class-Related Causes of the Error and their Solutions

If the error is related to a class method or class property, it indicates that the class is not explicitly defined. You can fix this by making sure that the class is instantiated and called correctly.

Example of Calling a Function That Returns a Series Object Twice

Finally, if you encounter the “Type error: ‘Series’ object is not callable” after calling a function that returns a series object twice, the error message indicates that you’ve tried to call the series object as a function. If a function returns a series object, it can only be called through accessing its properties or methods.


In conclusion, the “numpy.ndarray” and “Series” errors are common in coding and arise due to improper use of parentheses to reference arrays and series objects as functions. The article has explored the causes of the errors and provided practical solutions on how to fix them.

Remember to always check the nature of your variable or function before trying to call it. By following the tips provided here, you’ll be able to avoid these errors and become a better programmer.

In this article, we have covered the two common errors – “numpy.ndarray” and “Series” – that often confuse beginners in coding. We have explored the causes of these errors and provided practical solutions on how to fix them.

The following is a summary of the solutions:

Solutions for “numpy.ndarray” Error

  1. Use square brackets to access arrays rather than parentheses.
  2. Use indexes and slicing to specify the elements you want in an array.
  3. Check for naming collisions between variables and functions.

To fix, rename the variable or rename the function.

Solutions for “Series” Error

  1. Access the properties or methods of the Series object rather than calling it like a function.
  2. Rename variables that have that same name as function or method names.
  3. Check if the class has been properly instantiated and called.

Additional Resources for Related Topics

If you want to learn more about numpy and pandas, several online resources can help you sharpen your data science skills. Some of the best resources include:

NumPy and Pandas Tutorials

Online tutorials are a go-to resource for beginners looking to gain a strong foundation in numpy and pandas. Some of the commonly recommended tutorials are:

  • NumPy Tutorial by cs231n
  • Pandas Tutorial: DataFrames in Python
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Numpy by Arti Annaswamy
  • Pandas Tutorials by Kevin Markham

NumPy and Pandas Documentation

The Pandas and NumPy documentation provides in-depth explanations and examples of how to use the libraries. It’s a useful resource when you want to learn the technical details of a function or class.

  • NumPy Documentation
  • Pandas Documentation

Online Forums

Forums provide a platform for users to discuss numpy and pandas and share their experiences.

You can ask questions, post solutions or participate in live discussions. As such, these forums are helpful in discovering new tips and concepts.

  • Stack Overflow
  • Reddit’s r/learnpython and r/pandas
  • NumPy and Pandas User Groups

In conclusion, error messages such as “numpy.ndarray” and “Series” are part of the learning process in data science. By understanding the causes and utilizing the solutions provided, you will be able to debug your code and refine your skills.

Remember that online resources such as tutorials, documentation, and forums are essential in helping you become a better programmer. In conclusion, the “numpy.ndarray” and “Series” errors are common challenges faced by beginners in data science.

By using square brackets to access arrays and accessing the properties or methods of a Series object rather than calling it like a function, you can solve these errors. Additionally, online resources such as tutorials, documentation, and forums are valuable in helping you refine your skills.

As you continue your journey in data science, remember to invest time in learning the fundamentals and utilizing available resources. With dedication and perseverance, you can overcome these errors and become a proficient programmer.

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