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Real Python Office Hours: Empowering Developers with Support and Inclusivity

Real Python Office Hours: Supporting Python Developers through Q&A sessions, Screen Sharing, and Tips & Tricks

Are you a Python developer looking for guidance and support from a community of like-minded individuals? If so, Real Python Office Hours may be the solution you’ve been searching for! Real Python Office Hours is a Q&A session dedicated to providing solutions, tips, and tricks, to developers working in the Python programming language.

Purpose of Office Hours

The main purpose of Real Python Office Hours is to help Python developers navigate their coding problems by providing a platform where they can ask questions and receive guidance from experienced mentors and peers. These sessions provide a comfortable environment where developers can share their screens, get advice, receive feedback and critique, and get answers to their queries.

The sessions are aimed at offering practical advice and personalized feedback to help developers improve their technical skills and advance their projects.

Upcoming Events

Real Python Office Hours has upcoming events that you don’t want to miss. These events are specifically designed to provide useful information on different topics in Python programming.

These events are held at different dates and times, and registration is required to ensure that everyone who wants to attend is included. You can find more information about these events on the Real Python website.

Community Guidelines and Code of Conduct

Real Python Office Hours is a welcoming and inclusive community that values diversity. The community recognizes that everyone is unique and brings different experiences and perspectives that can contribute to the collective goal of helping Python developers worldwide.

Therefore, the community has developed a set of Community Guidelines and Code of Conduct that is designed to ensure a safe and respectful environment for everyone. The guidelines outline the expected behaviors among members and other essential information that newcomers need to know before joining the community.

Missed Sessions

If you missed a Real Python Office Hours session, you can still access recordings of past sessions. All recorded sessions are available on the Real Python website, and they are organized into different categories, making it easier to find the answers you need.

Additionally, you can still get help by asking questions on the Real Python forum, where a community of Python developers can answer any questions you may have.

Considerate and Respectful Behavior at Office Hours

In the Office Hours, members are expected to behave in a considerate and respectful manner towards each other. Office hours are an opportunity for everyone to learn, grow, and contribute to the Python community, with no judgment or discrimination.

Considerate Behavior

  1. Treat others with kindness: Office Hours provide an opportunity for Python developers to help each other regardless of their skill level.
  2. Practice active listening: Listen attentively, be patient, and don’t interrupt or jump in to offer your solutions before someone has completed their contribution.
  3. Acknowledge others’ contributions: When someone offers useful insights, contributes, or feedback, show appreciation by thanking them and acknowledging their contribution.

Respectful Behavior

  1. Respect each other’s time and commitments.
  2. Be respectful of others’ skills: Avoid belittling others’ contributions or showing off your coding skills. Everyone has something valuable to offer, regardless of their experience level.
  3. Appreciate other people’s efforts: Python developers put effort into honing their skills at work, and it can be discouraging when others don’t respect that effort.

Empathy towards Others

Empathy towards others is crucial in building strong, supportive relationships. Python developers come from different backgrounds, and they have different levels of knowledge and expertise.

  1. Be mindful of differing views: You may not always agree with what others have to say, but try to understand their perspectives and their reasoning.
  2. Communicate clearly and respectfully: Speak clearly and respectfully, and avoid using intimidating or unfriendly language.
  3. Create an open and welcoming environment: Creating an open and welcoming environment can help foster empathy and inclusivity among members.

Graceful Acceptance of Constructive Criticism

Constructive criticism is an essential part of learning and growing. Office Hours provide an opportunity to receive feedback and critique from experienced professionals and peers.

  1. Listen attentively: Listen carefully to the feedback you receive and be open to new ideas regardless of how different they may be from your current understanding.
  2. Don’t take criticism personally: It can be tempting to defend your code or skills when someone offers constructive criticism, but try to avoid becoming defensive. Instead, take a step back and evaluate the feedback you received.
  3. Apply what you learned: Use the feedback you received to improve your skills and advance your projects.

Inclusive Language

Language is a powerful tool that can help promote a sense of belonging and inclusivity on an individual and community level. Here are some guidelines for using inclusive language:

  1. Avoid using genders or assumptions: Some words may seem insignificant, but language can be exclusive, and assumptions can alienate other members. Use neutral words when addressing fellow Python developers.
  2. Be mindful of cultural differences: Avoid stereotypes or derogatory terms that may offend someone else’s culture.
  3. Be considerate of disabilities: Be mindful of the words you use and give information that is essential and helpful.

Having Fun

Real Python Office Hours are not just about learning and solving coding problems. They are also an opportunity to have fun and get to know each other.

The Python community is friendly and supportive, and Office Hours are where members can come together, share laughs, and make new connections.


Being a Python developer can be challenging, but Real Python Office Hours is here to help you navigate any coding problem you may encounter. The community is dedicated to providing guidance, feedback, and constructive criticism to help developers improve their skills and advance their projects.

By following the guidelines outlined in this article, you can become an active and valuable member of the Python community. Real Python Office Hours is a community where Python developers can come together to help each other out, exchange ideas, and share knowledge.

To ensure a welcoming environment for all members, the community has developed Community Guidelines and Code of Conduct that are designed to guide members’ behaviors, ensuring respect, inclusivity, and fairness.

Importance of Community Environment

An open and friendly environment is essential in fostering the Python developer community’s growth and success. We believe that every member has something valuable to offer, and it’s important to create a welcoming and supportive environment to inspire participation and collaboration.

A sense of belonging is essential in building a thriving and inclusive community.

Considerate Behavior

Considerate behavior is an essential aspect of creating a welcoming community environment. By acting with consideration towards our peers, we show them that we value their contributions and respect what they bring to the community.

Considerate behavior can be shown in several ways. For example, one can show kindness and understanding to others, actively listen to what they have to say, and promptly provide constructive feedback.

Being mindful of our fellow developers’ contributions and providing support where necessary also leads to the development of a considerate and supportive environment.

Respectful Behavior

Respectful behavior is also critical to cultivating an inclusive and welcoming environment in Real Python Office Hours. When we respect each other’s skills, commitments, and efforts, we encourage open communication and inspire participation, which ultimately leads to the development of a respectful community.

Respect can be demonstrated in several ways. Treating others with dignity, acknowledging their contributions, and consistently showing appreciation for the efforts made can go a long way in creating a welcoming environment.

Moreover, valuing the time and commitments of our peers during Office Hours and the community is essential in creating a respectful and supportive community.

Empathy towards Others

Empathy towards others is a valuable trait that we can all cultivate, especially in the Python community. By developing and cultivating empathy, we encourage understanding in relation to those with differing views and experiences.

Some ways that we can show empathy are by actively listening and engaging in productive discussions while respecting differences in opinion. By taking the time to understand other developer’s perspectives, we can provide valuable contributions to the community.

Furthermore, communicating in a respectful manner that is mindful of the experiences of others is also essential in creating a welcoming and supportive environment.

Graceful Acceptance of Constructive Criticism

Constructive criticism is a valuable part of the learning process, and graceful acceptance of it is essential in building an open and supportive community in Real Python Office Hours. Members of the community should be receptive to feedback from peers and mentors, even in cases where the feedback may be challenging to accept.

A graceful acceptance of constructive criticism includes listening attentively, resisting becoming defensive or taking feedback personally, and focusing on the feedback’s content while looking for ways to use it to improve coding abilities.

Inclusive Language

The diversity of the Python community is what makes it so valuable, and inclusive language is central to engaging all members in productive discussions. Inclusive language can demonstrate that members of the community value diversity of opinion, culture, and thought and is essential in maintaining a welcoming and supportive environment.

Inclusive language can take many forms, such as avoiding assumptions about a developer’s identity and being aware that language has the power to make developers feel included and valued. At Real Python Office Hours, we strive to create an inclusive and welcoming environment that supports the participation of all members, regardless of their background or experiences.

Having Fun

A community that values fun and togetherness encourages members to establish stronger bonds. This encouragement builds camaraderie, strengthens understanding, and fosters a great community experience.

Having fun can take many forms in Real Python Office hours, such as sharing successes and laughing together, discovering new programming approaches or techniques, and establishing lasting connections and friendships. It’s important to enjoy the journey and appreciate the experience along the way.

Python Software Foundation Code of Conduct

The Python community is an inclusive open-source community made up of many different individuals and groups. To ensure that everyone in the Python community is treated with respect and dignity, the Python Software Foundation Code of Conduct has been established to serve as a standard of conduct for all community members.

The Code of Conduct outlines acceptable and unacceptable behavior and aims to provide a supportive and welcoming environment for all community members. The Code of Conduct emphasizes the underlying values of the Python community, which includes respect, inclusivity, and empathy.


At Real Python Office Hours, we are committed to creating a welcoming and supportive environment for all community members. This commitment is reflected in our Community Guidelines and Code of Conduct, which promote respect, inclusivity, and empathy.

By cultivating these values, we can build a supportive and collaborative Python community that encourages all members to reach their full potential. Real Python Office Hours is a supportive community that provides guidance and advice to Python developers.

The community guidelines and code of conduct emphasize the importance of creating an inclusive and respectful environment. Being considerate and respectful to our peers, empathizing with their experiences, and accepting constructive criticism are all essential traits to developing a supportive and collaborative community.

Additionally, using inclusive language and cultivating a sense of fun and camaraderie can help cement a thriving and inclusive community. Developers of all skill levels can benefit from the knowledge and support provided in Real Python Office Hours.

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