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Unleash Your Inner Ghost Hunter with LearnSQL’s Scavenger Hunt

Unleash Your Inner Ghost Hunter with LearnSQL

As the autumn months roll in, the traditional spooky season is upon us once again – the perfect time to put on your ghost hunting gear and search for ghouls. However, if you’re not one for the actual hunt, we have a fun alternative for you.

LearnSQL has hidden a few ghosts around their platform, and we’re challenging you to find them all. Not only is this a fun scavenger hunt, but you’ll also learn about the value of SQL courses, and maybe even score a great discount on the Forever plan.

Finding the Ghosts: LearnSQL Platform and Ghosts

One of the primary keywords in this scavenger hunt is LearnSQL platform. The platform is a hotspot of the world’s best SQL courses, providing you with an edge in today’s data-driven industry.

Each course is designed to teach SQL concepts in-depth, without cutting corners on the basics. The courses are user-friendly, interactive, and practical.

Additionally, the courses are designed to accommodate both beginners and experienced data analysts. The second primary keyword is ghosts, and in this case, hidden ghosts.

Four ghosts have been concealed somewhere on the LearnSQL platform, and your job is to find them all. Each ghost you encounter will provide clues and links to SQL courses on the platform, based on different aspects of SQL that you can learn.

There’s a catch – you can only find each ghost by solving three easy SQL puzzles on different sections of LearnSQL. Find the location of all four ghosts by following these three hints:


Ghost 1: Discover this ghost by solving an SQL challenge on the LearnSQL home page. This ghost is hiding behind a real person.

Look out for clues on the page. 2.

Ghost 2: This ghost is located on the LearnSQL SQL tracks pages. To find this ghost, you need to ring the chains.

No, really! Solve an SQL challenge on SQL from A to Z’s description pages, and you’ll have successfully found ghost 2. 3.

Ghost 3: Head over to the pricing page. Ghost 3 is hiding among the frequently asked questions and correct answers.

Find ghost 3 by answering an SQL question correctly. 4.

Ghost 4: It’s time to get creative! Find ghost 4 somewhere on LearnSQL, and discover what a little innovation can do to your experience. Promo Code: Discount on Forever Plan and SQL Courses

The second primary keyword in this scavenger hunt is the Promo code.

The LearnSQL Forever Plan is an indisputable investment, providing you access to all of their courses at any time. The courses in the Forever Plan include SQL basics, advanced SQL, SQL for data analysis, and SQL for data science, among others.

With a Forever Plan subscription, you can learn at your pace and become an SQL expert in no time. Yet, to sweeten the deal, LearnSQL is providing an incredible discount.

Find all four ghosts in the scavenger hunt, uncovering their hidden SQL courses, and you’ll receive an exclusive promo code for a discounted price on the Forever Plan. With this code, you’ll gain access to all SQL courses on the LearnSQL platform for a low cost.

Ghost Locations

We have three ghost locations for you to discover: the Home Page Ghost, SQL Tracks Ghosts, and Pricing Page Ghost. Home Page Ghost: The home page ghost is hiding behind a real person! To find this ghost, solve an SQL mystery on the LearnSQL homepage.

It’s simple and easy to find. Once you unveil the ghost, visit the page and get a clue to one of the essential SQL courses on LearnSQL.

SQL Tracks Ghost: Are you ready to get spooky? Find SQL tracks on the Learn.SQL webpage to access Ghost 2.

On these pages, a spooky description rings through the chains, providing clues to the next SQL challenge. Nail the SQL challenge, listen closely to the rings, and claim your Ghost.

Pricing Page Ghost: Ghost 3 is hiding in plain sight on the learners’ pricing page. Look for frequently asked questions on the page, and solve an SQL challenge to find this hidden ghost.

In conclusion, let the hunt commence, and start searching for those ghosts! Not only will you have fun, but you’ll also learn something new about SQL and score an incredible discount on LearnSQL’s Forever Plan. Enjoy your ghost hunting adventure as you uncover new SQL concepts.

Good luck!

Join the Fun: Claim Your Prize with LearnSQL Scavenger Hunt

We hope you’re ready for a thrilling experience because we’ve prepared something special for you. LearnSQL is launching a scavenger hunt competition, and we’re inviting you to join in on the fun.

Not only will you get to search for ghosts hidden on their website, but you’ll also have a chance to win amazing prizes. For three days, from October 26th to October 29th, you can participate in this competition.

In this article, we’ll give you more information on how to join the hunt, claim your prize, and maximize your chances of winning. Forever Plan: Access to All Future Courses for $299

One of the primary keywords in this scavenger hunt competition is the Forever Plan.

The Forever Plan is an excellent investment that guarantees lifetime access to all SQL courses on the LearnSQL platform, including all future courses. For only $299, you can get access to interactive SQL courses designed to take you from a beginner level to the advanced level.

The pricing for a single course on the platform starts from $99, and with the Forever Plan, which costs only $299, you gain access to all the courses forever. With this in mind, you are better off investing in the Forever Plan, which is more cost-effective.

Discount: $100 less for Lifetime Access to Interactive SQL courses

Another primary keyword in this competition is the discount. By successfully completing the scavenger hunt, you can unlock a special promo code that offers you a discount of $100 on the Forever Plan.

Yes, you read that right! You’ll only need to pay $199 for lifetime access to all interactive SQL courses on the platform. If you’re passionate about data analysis and data science, the LearnSQL platform has got you covered.

With this discount, you’ll have access to all SQL courses that you need to take your skills to the next level. How to Join the Fun: Claim Your Prize in LearnSQL Scavenger Hunt

Now that you know about the fantastic rewards up for grabs let’s get down to business on how to join the fun and claim your prize.

Step 1: Sign Up on LearnSQL

If you haven’t already signed up on the LearnSQL platform, you can do so by registering with your valid email address. Registration is free, and it will give you instant access to the platform.

You’ll also receive updates about upcoming courses, events, and any other news. Step 2: Search for the Ghosts

After you register and log in to the platform, you’ll have only a few days to search for the four ghosts hidden on LearnSQL.

Follow the clues, solve the SQL challenges, and open the links to the related courses to uncover the identity of the ghosts. Each ghost will give you hints about the next SQL challenge, eventually leading you to win a promo code that unlocks the discounted price of the Forever Plan.

Step 3: Claim Your Prize

Once you find all four ghosts and submit your findings, you’ll be entered into the prize draw for a chance to win the incredible and exclusive prize of discounted access to all interactive SQL courses on LearnSQL. On November 1st, the winners will be announced on LearnSQL’s social media pages.

Final Note

Joining the LearnSQL scavenger hunt is a unique opportunity to strengthen your SQL knowledge and win amazing prizes. LearnSQL provides cutting-edge SQL courses designed to meet your demand, whether it is for new learners or experienced data analysts.

Take advantage of this opportunity today and sign up to win a discounted price on the Lifetime Access Forever Plan. Good luck, and let the hunt begin!

In conclusion, the LearnSQL scavenger hunt is the perfect opportunity for you to explore and deepen your SQL knowledge while also winning amazing prizes.

By joining the hunt, you’ll learn about the value of the Forever Plan, giving you lifetime access to all SQL courses on the LearnSQL platform for only $299. You’ll also have the chance to win a $100 discount on the Lifetime Access Forever Plan when you successfully complete the scavenger hunt.

Don’t miss out on this exciting challenge! Join in on the fun today, enhance your data analytics skills, and get a chance to claim amazing rewards.

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